Happy belated birthday, Ryan!

Monday, July 25, 2016

My intention was to post this on Ryan's actual birthday, July 16th, but we were busy celebrating (aka he was studying for the bar and I was running errands).  With the bar exam now starting tomorrow, Ryan couldn't celebrate too much!  But, I tried to celebrate him as much as his studying would allow.  I made him breakfast (how sad is it that that's the first time I've cooked a breakfast since moving to DC???), gave him his gift (that I had already told him about, of course), and then that evening I cooked his favorite dinner (honey sriracha chicken) and we had his favorite cheesecake! 

It was a little different than how we typically celebrate because I tend to make birthdays a week long event, but it was really nice.  And in two weeks we will be in Denver to celebrate a belated birthday and the ending of the bar exam---thank goodness!

Please send positive vibes, wish luck, and say prayers for Ryan tomorrow and Wednesday!  He has studied so hard and I know he will pass with flying colors!  I'm marrying a very hardworking man :)

Barneveld Wedding Weekend

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

This past weekend Ryan was the best man in a wedding in essentially the middle of nowhere Wisconsin aka Barneveld! The groom's dad was my future father-in-law's roommate and teammate in college and they've remained best friends. The family is absolutely wonderful (I actually lived with them for a while in MKE) and we had such a fun time celebrating the lovely bride and groom!

Ryan and the groom as hilarious (and obviously very cool) kiddos

Before the wedding, we spent about two hours in Milwaukee getting some last minute wedding planning in! I miss the condo and can't wait to get married in this church! 
The bride looked absolutely stunning and the wedding was such a great reflection of them as a couple!
The groom's sisters, Hannah and Aubrey! And two of our bridesmaids!
On our way to the airport, we were able to make a pit stop to our favorite place to eat in Milwaukee! The little time there made me so homesick for the city and all of my lovely friends!
I can't believe our wedding is next!

First Fourth in DC

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fourth weekend was exactly what it should be: pool, sweet desserts, red lipstick, and some fireworks! 

Earlier in the week, my friend Mags invited me to brunch and then to layout at her friends pool. Immediately a little panic set in. Is this how people make new friends?? I don't even know the last time I made a new friend. Insert stress here.

Mags took the train all the way out to our Branch Ave stop and we went to brunch in Old Town and Virtue Feed and Grain. It was recommended to me by the people I nanny for and it did not disappoint. Afterwards, we picked her friend Lauren up and spent the day at the pool! Nothing beats laying out and eating twizzlers!


On Friday, I got off work early and actually went to Trader Joe's (the traffic around it is crazy when I get off work normally) and picked up two dozen of these gorgeous tulips!

On Sunday, I babysat in the morning for a local church and met Ryan at BWW for lunch. We spent the lunch starting to plan our first vacation (we've only gone out of town together to visit family or for weddings)! We are going to Denver in August! If you have any recommendations, please feel free to fill me in! We don't have anything in particular we want to do. Ryan just has always wanted to go to Colorado together! 

On Monday, Ryan went to study in his office and I spent the day doing exciting (not) errands before going to meet him in Chinatown. I was home alone so I apologize for this poor quality mirror selfie. The Fourth of July is one of my favorite days to dress! And this year was no different. Thanks to the gross weather my hair looked cute for about 5 minutes :) 

We got pizza at Matchbox (we went for the first time that Monday before and we're back again pretty quickly--it's delicious) and then I thought it was the perfect day to try my first Rita's! I had no idea that it's custard they mix the Italian ice with? What a pleasant surprise! I know I'll be back ASAP. 
Ryan was lucky enough to win tickets in a lottery to watch the National Mall fireworks from the roof of his office! We were so excited. Especially because with Bar Prep Ryan really didn't think he'd have time to go see them otherwise. Even with the gross weather, we were hopeful for a good show! But, honestly the Fourth of July is the only holiday we've always spent together and I didn't care how the fireworks turned out as long as we were celebrating together.

And thank goodness for that! Because about 15 minutes before the show was about to start the fog started to slowly eat the Washington monument and by the time the fireworks started we could only see half of each one! I kind of love that the viewing on PBS was spliced with recordings from years in the past! If you watched it from home, you got a better show than we did! But, we had a blast nonetheless!  

This weekend we are traveling to Wisconsin for one of our favorite couple's wedding! Our last wedding before ours!

Have a great weekend everybody! 
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